Jason Aldean New Album

jasonaldeanGeorgia native Jason Aldean’s sixth studio album “Old Boots, New Dirt” (out today) contains plenty of familiar rocking guitar, hip hop influences and powerhouse anthems. This time there are also some laid back tracks that show a more reflective side of the singer and allow him to prove he has the vocals to match his incredible stage presence.

Aldean kicks things off with an up tempo party track “Just Getting Started” about the start of a big night in a small town. A popular theme with Aldean that carries forward into tracks “Sweet Little Somethin'”, “Laid Back” and “Gonna Know We Were Here.”

Of course there’s the sensual slow jam and chart topping lead single “Burnin’ It Down.” Anyone else need a cold shower after that one? No? Well you will after you see the music video.

Mid tempo Love songs “Tryin To Love Me” and “Tonight Looks Good On You” will be popular with the ladies. As will slower tracks like the pensive “Too Fast” and the yearning “Two Night Town” which showcase Aldean’s often overlooked vocal talent.

Don’t worry there is plenty more raw Aldean energy and country imagery including boots, trucks and small town pride in “If My Truck Could Talk”, “Old Boots, New Dirt ” and “I Took It With Me”

Just gone through a break up? Then you’ll want to listen to the melancholy “Don’t Change Gone” and “Miss That Girl” about moving on after the end of a relationship.

All in all, “Old Boots, New Dirt” is a solid effort from a artist known for his unique brand of rock and hip hop infused country music.

Standout Tracks:
* “Too Fast”
* “Two Night Town”
* “Burning It Down”

Track Listing:
1.“Just Gettin’ Started”
2.“Show You Off”
3.“Burnin’ It Down”
4.“Tryin’ To Love Me”
5.“Sweet Little Somethin’”
6.“Laid Back”
7.“Tonight Looks Good On You”
8.“Too Fast”
9.“If My Truck Could Talk”
10.“Old Boots, New Dirt”
11.“I Took It With Me”
12.“Don’t Change Gone”
13.“Miss That Girl”
14.“Gonna Know We Were Here”
15.“Two Night Town”

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