Lee Brice Interview

leeSouth Carolina Native Lee Brice first made waves in music city as the writer of Garth Brooks’ record breaking 2007 hit “More Than A Memory.” Now he is more famous as a recording artist with last year’s ACM & CMA Song Of The Year “I Drive Your Truck.” We caught up with Brice before his show with Cole Swindell and Luke Bryan at Madison Square Garden on Friday (09/12). Check out our review of the show soon.

NYC Country Music Lovers: Tell us some inside stories about life on the road with Luke and Cole.
Brice: Back in the day there were more stories than there are now. Now it’s a lot of family time. We like to get in trouble riding four-wheelers at night and that kind of thing.

NYC Country Music Lovers: How does it feel to be nominated for Song Of The Year at this year’s CMA Awards again?
Brice: It always feels amazing to be up for an award but this is extra special for me. This song, “I Don’t Dance” is personal to me. I wrote it and I sang it. For it to be up for Song of The Year is just over the top. It’s everything I ever dreamed about in my career. I’m really excited.

NYC Country Music Lovers: We love the new song “Drinking Class.” When will the music video come out?
Brice: As soon as we shoot it [laughs]. We are getting some treatments in now and we’ve got an idea about the video. We’ll shoot in in the next couple of months.

NYC Country Music Lovers: What can we expect from the video?
Brice: Our idea is for it to be exactly what it’s about. It’s not really about the drinking class. It’s about the working class. That’s the true depth of the song and that’s where we’re going to take the video.

NYC Country Music Lovers: You have been to NYC a few times. What’s your favorite thing about our city?
Brice: Probably the food, I can’t imagine if I lived here for a hundred years that I could hit all the great restaurants. It doesn’t matter where you walk in, the food is so great.

Learn more about Lee Brice on his Official Website.

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